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Benessa Group, we are an international provider of top quality & reliable services with creative solutions working with the Oil & Gas, Energy, Power generation, and other vital infrastructure sectors.


We make your complex projects an easy Job 

We are an Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication and Construction service provider for the Oil and Gas industry, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Power and water treatment industry.


Benessa Group comprises of the following divisions :


  • Oil and Gas division 

  • Power division 

  • Engineering division 

  • Construction division 

  • Sourcing division 

  • Communication division 

About Us

Benessa Group Power Division is a Canadian-based organisation with branches in the UK, Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia, The company is capable of competing in The energy and industrial sectors, in accordance with its defined business plan strategies.

Benessa Group Power Division has both the experience capability to design and build world-class facilities for the energy and industrial sectors.

Benessa group is comprised of a team of highly skilled professionals with clearly defined work strategies, financial and technological resources, and a solid integrated management system within Benessa Group operational and budgetary control systems, allowing for real-time control of project logistics and financial activities 

Benessa Group today is a consolidated and flexible organisation with real possibilities to execute projects of considerable relevance and magnitude capable of delivering optimal results.




Benessa Group Power Division has the ability to take on commitments of the construction of plants and other installations for various market segments from their inception to launching pre-operative delivery stages to their respective clients, maximising the value-added while delivering high-quality products within time and budget margins.

Excellent relations with large multinational and local engineering and construction companies allow for the establishment of strategic partnerships or plans of cooperation which is beneficial for the implementation of large-scale projects 

Project Management 


Benessa Group Power Division offers Integrated services including project management which assumes the responsibility of handling all resources, scope, time, costs risks, to communications, procurement, contract, quality, and stakeholders.  these activities are carried with the support of a management information system that guarantees timely and accurate decisions. making to the accomplishment of project objectives

Our ethics and values 


Benessa Group power division upholds fundamental values that guide our policies, operations, and decisions in any activity.These core values are shared by every member of the organisation.

Benessa Group's code of ethics and values allow us to build long-term relationships with our Key audiences, these relationships are based on respect, trust, and value creation, 


Our vision To be a multinational company in engineering, procurement, and construction with operation in the energy markets worldwide while;


  • Providing high-quality services in different countries in order to be recognized as a key factor in our clients and partners' success.

  • Respond to market requirements by maintaining and being innovative.

  • Ensure high motivation to our personnel for the achievements of their professional and personnel growth.

Business segments


Benessa Group Power Division provides value-added Integrated services in engineering procurement construction, and plant start-up for projects In different industry sectors, backed by the most tools and technology available.

Our ability to work from the earliest stage of a project to the start-up and construct phase means that we offer customers work continuity and ongoing supervision that improves efficiency and at the same time maintains the required excellence levels in construction processes and operations regardless of the Industry sector.


We enjoy a track record of successful project completion 

Of EPC Services [ Engineering and design, Procurement, Fabrication, Construction ]

Benessa Group Oil and Gas division  is a vertically integrated Engineering Procurement Fabrication & Construction provider for energy with a strong bias to the oil and gas industry 

Oil and Gas

Oil & GAS 

Benessa Group offers a broad range of services to the oil and gas production Industry. our staff is comprised of experienced professionals in the areas of engineering, procurement and construction manufacturing, service implementation, start-up, and maintenance services for the production, processing, and transportation of oil and gas.



ALL of this takes place within a specific and well-developed work, considering different International reference frames and best practices worldwide in the engineering and construction sectors.


Within the project management scope of work, Benessa Group has the capability to develop integrated management systems for follow-up purposes and the control of operating and financial activities. 

The following are aspects worth highlighting:  


  • Identification of WBS elements/ items or work packages, which allows for an effective cost and project schedule control ( accounts Plan).

  • Structuring project budget over design and project management tools platform in a real-time integration with administrative and financial control systems. 

  • Preparations and follow-up of the detailed master plan (WBS-based) by applying planning and quantitive risk analysis tools in order to measure objective achievements, determine project status and perform deviation assessment and results for casting.


  • Preparation and financial follow-up and projects physical and timed expenditure Including  :

. Cost control.

. Progress control.

. Budget control 

. Cash flow.


Benessa Group's knowledge and technical expertise allow us to address different kinds of projects from light/medium crude oil production ( which requires little treatment) to extra heavy oil productions in combination with other components.

Benessa Group is also prepared to provide services involving rich gas production and processing where specialized facilities and operations are required. Our designers and engineers have extensively experienced design and construction areas in many and production facilities including completely integrated solutions to both on-shore and off-shore projects.

Engineering and design disciplines are capable of handling all phases of an upstreams and medium steam production project, from the feasibility study stage, conceptional developments, basic engineering,

to detailed engineering, procurement, and TURN-Key facility delivery.

Our experienced professionals are qualified to implement all of the technical procedures and technological tools required by Oil and Gas production.

Industry, always committed to quality safety, ecological sustainability, and cost optimizations criteria; also complying with both local and international operating standards and specifications.


Benessa Group focuses on offering flexibility in its services according to each particular project Requirement

Enabling us to develop projects either from our own offices or our partners; or oven if Assigning a project team to our client's headquarter if so required.


Our capabilities in oil and Gas Production Services include: 

  • Surface production facilities.

  • Clusters and well-pads.

  • Gathering systems, flow stations, and flow Lines.

  • Wellhead platforms.

  • Water, steam, and gas injection.

  • Oil and water treatment.

  • Tank and Tank farms. 

  • Multiphase pumping.

  • Oil and gas pipelines.

  • Desalting and dehydration plants.

  • EFFluents Treatment.​




Technical and economic studies, conceptual design and basic process plants, expansion and construction projects, modular constructions to improve costs and reduce these risks, ensuring Quality of work.


  • Atmospheric and vacuum distillation.

  • Alkylation (HF).

  • Catalytic cracking and Reforming.

  • Liquids fractionating.

  • Hydro treatment and Hydro desulphurization.

  • Amine Treatment.

  • Sour water stripping.

  • Sulphur recovery.

  • Paraffin and wax production.

  • Coke Handling.

  • Utilities, Facilities, and Tank Farms.


​Petrochemical and chemical

Our staff design, purchase, build and assist start-up process plants, both new cutting-edge facilities, and modernization of existing plants for the chemical and petrochemical Industry.



  • PVC.

  • Polyethylene.

  • Sulphuric acid.

  • BioFuels ( ethanol).



Benessa Group has specialists that design, build, install, and start up gas processing and Treatment plants, with a focus on quality and reliability. Our experience and capability in different stages of processing include treatment and Removal of contaminants, refrigeration and cryogenics for the gas Industry projects. 


Ongoing process with quality 


Benessa Group has implemented a quality management system according to iso 9001:2008 for the execution of projects of engineering, procurement construction,' commissioning, and start-up of facilities. 

Benessa Group engages in a process of structures improvement. includes the implementation of corrective and preventive actions, establishing indicators and controls which may prevent nonconformities, aside from conducting a review and maintenance of the system of quality management, which forms part of the culture of change management, that constitutes an achievement in its unwavering commitment to quality.


Benessa Group is committed to knowledge management in order to consolidate a high syne synergy between the different areas of the organization. The definition of knowledge communities that allow the application of lessons learned, training personnel involved in the processes capitalization, and implementation of the best practices, aims to design processes and services with unique features of high quality and competitive prices.


Health, safety and environment 


Benessa Group core value is the commitment to its people, safety and the environment.

To achieve this commitment, Benessa Group declares through its safety, occupational health, and environment policies, the commitment to minimise the hazards, protect the environment and control risks and impacts associated with the related activities, in order to prevent work-related incidents and illnesses, ensuring that its services are compatible with environmental, economic and social factors. 

Through the safety, health, and environment (SHE) management, the organisation guarantees compliance with laws and current regulations, ensuring safety in the work place, protection of personnel's health, the environment and surroundings where the activities take place

Benessa Group ensures that its activities are carried out under a safety management system, occupational health, and environment, based on the international standards ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. 

Benessa Group in constant search of improvements for the employees, customers and the environment is implementing measures that benefits all, in order to continue the growth of the organisation.

As a result and as part of the commitment of the company to its worker's safety and the environment, we have established a set of approved and mandatory policies, which will help ensure the organization and employees' development in a healthy and safe environment. 

Corporate management system QHSE policy statement, includes a series s objectives that promote the sustained development of the company, customer satisfaction, as well as continues improvement of processes. worker safety ,committing to protecting the environment, among other things.

EPC Services 

Benessa Group EPC Services 

EPC Services 


In the modern era, the development and execution of major works require the support of companies with strong vertical integration, capable of offering all the necessary services and management support.

A global proposal based on the technical concept or financial model, which follows through to the subsequent commissioning and maintenance.

Du to its resources in engineering and construction and its relationship with national and international manufacturers, Benessa Group is specially prepared to coordinate and execute all types of activities.

This enables it to deliver complete final products to its clients in compliance with the most stringent quality standards, this attribute has made the company into a highly specialized EPC company, together with EPC projects as part of our vocation to serve, we also work with other types of contracts such as turnkey projects, BOT, commissioning, etc.

Project & asset management




Conceptual design FEED studies


Commissioning and startup






Project management

Benessa Group has developed its capabilities over years to successfully manage turnkey EPC contracts.

Benessa Group's project management system for budgeting cost controlling reporting, project schedules, material management, resource allocation, supplier evaluation, etc, is designed to fulfill client demand in an economic and efficient way keeping the targeted budget and delivery in firm control.

All simultaneously exciting projects are closely monitored by senior management through monthly project reviews to ensure budget and schedule adherence.  

Asset management 

As an integrated provider, Benessa Group provides asset management solutions combining years of specialist knowledge to maximize asset value utilising tried and tested processes and procedures.


The scope of our solutions cover oil and gas processing plants, gathering and transportation facilities, storage and metering facilities and include the following services :


  • Operation Training.

  • Preparation of operation and maintenance. 

  • Shutdown, repair, and upgrade work.

  • Inventory management. 

  • Spare parts management. 

  • Plant operation and maintenance.


Conceptual design and FEED studies


Benessa Group feasibility and concept engineering studies aim to provide the most optimum solutions for a clients specific need to help them identify the techno-commercial viability of a development.

Our background in oil and gas means we understand the various methods of selecting field development options thus providing clients with a robust screening tool .

We undertake these studies for both greenfield and brownfield developments and covers :



Feasibility and conceptual studies


Benessa Group understands the use of modelling tools and software as an indispensable key for delivering various development scenarios to satisfy client requirement. We make use of a number of commercially available vendor supplied and in house developed software and tools and tools to model varies plant and design options and cost estimates at screening level to reduce risk and improve capital and operational expenditure accuracy.

Every project is unique and specific technical  scenarios are developed considering hydrocarbon properties, processing schemes etc. and cost estimates based on plant location, market condition, country specific factors such as infrastructure, labor productivity, security, etc.


Various studies include :


  • Steady State and Dynamic Modelling.

  • Flare and depressurising studies.

  • Flow assurance.

  • Capex and open calculations.

Front End Engineering Design ( FEED ) 


Benessa Group's in-house multi-discipline engineering resources are able to carry out and develop various studies and philosophies for the following disciplines using both commercially available and in house developed software and tools which will act ad a platform for the preparation of tender packages and procurement of long lead items.


  • Process engineering ( static & dynamic ) simulation, PFDs and P&IDs.

  • Mechanical ( Static and rotating ).

  • Instrument Engineering ( Control system, field Instrument, and metering ). 


Engineering services 


Benessa Group has always placed vital importance on the technical aspects of all its projects, that’s why we have constantly been able to rely on a highly reliable team capable of assimilating the experience acquired by the company during its long history and applying it to projects and the study of new works. 

our design and engineering activities within the field of power transmission began on day one, in this area we have achieved significant technical milestones.

The experience we achieved over years has made us a benchmark company in:


  • Engineering projects for aerial and underground electric power networks of up 400 KV.

  • Repowering engineering projects and increasing line capacity in existing overhead power-line. 

  • Electrical engineering. 

  • Metallurgy and materials engineering.

  • Pipeline engineering ( including piping layout design, pipeline stress analysis, and materials )

  • Civil engineering.

  • Structural engineering. 

  • Risk, safety, and environmental engineering.

  • Pipeline engineering.




Benessa Group has in place a global network of offices in the UK, Canada, Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia to achieve procurement goals of its projects within budget and and delivery times.

Our global sourcing enables us world wide sourcing options 24/7 availability, and disseminating market intelligence. 

From handling the complexities of global suppliers selection for all projects material, expanding, delivering materials from distinct locations , complex logistics, involvement, and receiving at work locations keeping all in close connection with project schedule is efficiently dealt by our ERP system , specially designed for the execution of turn key projects.

Our procurement procedure ensures strict adherence to quality standards, national and international requirements legislations, safety, health and environmental issues. 

Our experienced personal at diverse locations ensures on-time delivery of project equipment and material.


Procurement and supply of materials and equipment    


Benessa Group's oil and gas division provides equipment and material procurement and supply services throughout all continents.

Procurement in oil and gas has become an essential service in today's competitive marketplace.

Our role is to find and supply all the manufactured goods associated with the exploration and production and delivery of oil and gas.

Our customers expect an exceptional level of services and we fulfil that expectations.


A  List of some of the materials and equipment we can supply 


  • Valves , Actuators , Regulators. 

  • Pumps.

  • Process control instrumentation. 

  • Hose fittings.

  • Pipe fittings and flanges.

  • Pipe and tubular products.

  • Separators and filters. 

  • Pipeline accessories. 

  • Generators. 

  • Crane and lifting equipment.

  • Marine services.

  • Steel works.

  • Safety Equipment.

  • Coating , Resins , Paints.

  • Compressors.

  • Lighting and electrical products.

  • HVAC Equipment and supplies. 

  • Subsea pipes and fittings.

  • Non corrosive fittings. 

  • Stainless steel pipe. 

  • Stainless steel fittings.

  • Hazardous area electrical equipment. 

  • ATEX equipment. 

  • Non sparking Tools.

  • Inverter welding machines.

  • Mastics.

  • Sealants.

  • Pipe adhesives. 

  • Welding inspection tools.

  • Bearings. 

  • Seals.



Maintenance workshop equipment 


  • Lath.

  • Mills.

  • Drils.

  • Shaping machines. 

Well Head equipment 


  • Wellheads.

  • Pack- off flanges. 

  • Slips and secondary seals.

  • Casing Spools.

  • Casing Head Housings.

  • TubingHeads.

  • WellHead Christmas trees.

  • All types of Valves. 


Drilling Equipment 


  • Draw-works from complete systems to spare parts including:

  • Crown Blocks.

  • Hook Blocks.

  • Swivels.

  • Rotary tables. 

  • Desanders.

  • Shale shakers. 

  • Mud Pumps and systems.

  • Rotary drilling and vibrator Hose.

Unions, including :

  • None aligned screwed unions.

  • Quick unions.

  • swivel Unions. 

  • Bow-out preventers and Manifolds of all types.  

  • Hydraulic control unites. 

  • Cementing and Fracturing unites.

Whether it is oil productions drilling petrochemicals or gas production BG is committed to source your requirement at competitive prices and short delivery time .




By combining our multidisciplinary, local, and International resources, we deliver optimal construction solutions for simultaneous management of construction projects.

Our innovative execution philosophies and smart approaches enable us to successfully deliver projects keeping a high standard of safety and quality.

Construction is driven and modularisation is two smart approaches that enable timely delivery of projects. 

The construction-driven approach is illustrated below whereby engineering and procurement deliverables are focused on the early award of construction contracts, mobilization of the site construction activities. Packaged equipment deliveries will be planned sequentially to ensure equipment foundation and related construction resources are ready when the equipment is delivered to the site.

The modularisation approach helps to minimize site construction activities and construction schedules which are essential when operating in challenging terrains, During the EPC phase, prefabrication works of modules, piping spools. Structural steel and equipment items ( vessels and tank, turbines, compressors, pumps, etc ) are undertaken at a variety of offsite fabrication shops.

This concept is advantageous because the fabrication and assembly activities take place in a controlled environment 

There is greater control on QA / QC aspects of the project and civil works 

Can occur with shop fabrication and assembly reducing the overall project delivery schedule. Off-site fabrication greatly reduces onsite safety risks. 


Storage Tanks 

We are an innovative and dynamic rapidly growing company that specializes in the manufacturing and supply storage tanks 

 Benessa Group is incorporated in Canada with a keen desire to provide the total support package and most qualitative reliable and trustworthy fabrication and erection services over the world.

Our position as a market leader in EPC and fabrication was built on our total dedication consecration and pride in jobs well done and foreseeing the needs of our clients and the industry .


Benessa Group has a long history of pioneering innovation and its services are some of the best known and most trusted in the EPC and fabrication industries.

Being a well experienced company in manufacturing and construction of oil storage tanks , We provide the stainless steel oil storage tanks , steel petroleum storage tanks , chemical storage tanks , industrial storage tanks , prefabricated bolted tanks, pressure vessels, heat exchangers , industrial boilers , steam boilers , boilers maintenance  services, met mast towers and bespoke structure coating for pipes, storage tanks insulation systems , thermal insulation coaling for metals , best insulation services for pipe, duct, storage tanks for thermal systems 


Commissioning and startup 


From Canada to the Middle East to North Africa and Asia, Benessa Group has successful experience pre-commissioning, Commissioning, and starting operations including guarantee performance tests. 

The commissioning and startup services are performed in a sequential and controlled manner by competent personnel ensuring safety at all stages .

Benessa Group is always ready to operate even in harsh and remote locations , separating us from the every other competitor.

Services include :

  • Operation of Manuals.

  • Operation training at factory and during site commissioning. 

  • Engineering support services. 

Boiler EPC 

Boiler EPC 


Our Boiler EPC ( engineering, procurement, and construction ) division is almost 8 years old within Benessa Group inc but is active worldwide.

The EPC of Turnkey projects involving different types of industrial boilers is one of our key competencies.


Our agile teams, backed by know-how, and experience, work closely with our clients to engineer and find the most cost-effective solutions for their particular needs.

For some export projects, our steam generators are built or partly assembled or manufactured abroad under our license by specialized and approved manufacturers.


Our main activities are engineering, detailed design, manufacturing, and erection and startup of :


  • Industrial steam generator.

  • Hot water boilers.  

  • Heat recovery steam generator.

  • Integrated heat recovery generator (HRSG).

  • Integrated heat recovery boilers incineration municipal solid waste.

  •  ( MSW ).

  • Cogeneration boilers or plants.

  • Biomass boilers or plants.

  • Small power plant integrating following equipment: combustion system - boiler gas cleaning filters steam turbine - electrical power generators.

  • Process gas heat recovery.

  • Fluidized bed boilers. 


All our installations are custom made and are designed to match the specific need of our clients. 

We also design, supply and startup other complementary products and services in the energy and environmental field.

Examples are :


  • Industrial equipment such as dryers, gasifiers.

  • Boiler cleaning equipment. 

  • Instrumentation and control systems.

  • Flue gas cleaning system and DeNox system.

  • Fuel firing system. 

  • Air Preheaters.  

  • Piping and Valves, fitting, etc.

  • Gas duct works.

  • Stacks.

  • Steel structures. 

  • Stairs and platforms.

  • Deaerator. 

  • Pressure stabilisation unite.

  • Water treatment system. 

  • Expansion Tanks. 

  • Feed water pumps skids.

  • Chemical dosing units.

  • Blow-down flash tank.

  • Retrofitting.

  • Maintenance. 

  • Process automation  ( New or old ).

  • Spare parts for industrial boilers and industrial equipment.



Designing and engineering boilers and boiler houses on a turnkey basis 


Usual parameters :


  • Steam production up to 120 T/H. 

  • Maximum pressure up to 80 bars. 

  • Superheat up to 525 C.

Usual purpose 

  • Producing saturated or superheated steam.

  • Superheated water Boilers.

  • Heat recuperation boilers. 

Project and Fuels 


We design and  supply complete turnkey projects with integrated boilers on /or after incinerators or combustion rooms firing all types of fuels such as fuel oil or waste oils, natural gas , municipal solid waste, biomass, waste process, residual etc.


Power Transmission 


Benessa Group Power Division is a completely integrated Division of Benessa Group inc. For execution of  EPC contracts in power transmission Lines


We have the expertise and adequate infrastructure of Line ranging from 132 KV to 1200 KV

Benessa Group power Division is in possession of the end-to-end capability of providing turnkey sustainable construction solutions.

Our team has vast experience in providing EPC solutions on a Turnkey basis, we offer a complete range of services in the power transmission lines business segment, we have excellent power management teams for the execution of challenging and complex projects. 

Scope of works as an EPC contractor involves the design, testing, fabrication, galvanizing, and improvement. 

Our range of services includes but is not limited to constructing Ultra-high voltage substations, rural and urban power Quality improvement projects.

Benessa Group teams have vast experience in providing EPC solutions on a turnKey basis.

We offer a complete range of services in the power transmission lines business segment.

We have excellent project management teams for the execution of challenging and complex projects.

Benessa Group offers end-to-end solutions for power transmission, distribution, and improvement. Our range of services includes the construction of ultra-high voltage substations, rural and urban power quality improvement projects. 

Scope of work as an ECP contractor involves the design, testing, fabrication, galvanizing of the tower on one hand and construction activities of a survey, civil works, erection, and stringing, testing, and commissioning of transmission lines. 

Our group has a proven track record for the execution of projects in different terrains, regions, and extreme weather conditions.

We are equipped with experience and skilled manpower with the latest tools and tackles to accomplish the construction activity.

Power Transmission 

Turbine Repair and Installation 


At Benessa Group we provide complete turnkey Services to turbine installation and repairs, with the focus on steam and gas turbines, refinery precision rotating equipment, ethanol plants, paper mills, and power plants. 

We also Provide Turbine Services for the balance of rank, emergent outages, and planned maintenance.

Our team has extensive experience solving power generation problems, applying our expertise to the maintenance, repair, and Service & requirements of Turbines and generators.

Complete Turbine Services


Whether you need new turbine installation, maintenance, refurbishment, retrofits, or repairs for gas, Steam-powered Turbines we are the right choice for quality results in our capabilities include the maintenance repair, Installation, upgrade, and overhaul of:


  • Steam turbines.

  • Combustion turbines. 

  • Pumps. 

  • Gear boxes. 

  • Industrial generators, engines, and other equipment.

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